Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We headed over to Pagosa for Thanksgiving.  I only have pictures of the dinner because everything else they did I of course stayed on the couch.  I can't believe we were able to eat outside.  I know it was supposed to be our year to go to Arizona for Thanksgiving where we usually eat outside, but in Colorado! Not normal!!  The kids had lots of fun.  They all headed out early Thanksgiving morning for the Turkey Bowl.  The guys even let Cooper and Trip and my nephew Jayton play.  They had a blast trying to grab people's flag.  Then after dinner Cooper and Trip went with Tyrel, his brother's, and cousins to play basketball.  Everytime they got back from doing something they would ask me " did you move from that couch at all? Or did you stay there the whole time?"  Hey I had to eat and use the restroom, so I did get up some!!  Then the next day the little kids went to the park and then later that day the big boys shot clay pigeons. Then we headed home.  It was great and I was thankful to Loretta and Kristin for doing dinner. 

Tyrel turns the big 3-0!!

Well pretty much I bombed on a momentous birthday for Tyrel.  Due to being put on bedrest I was not able to go out and shop and get everything I had planned for his birthday and didn't have time to order it.  So all I did was have a friend pick me up a gift card for Tyrel and I broke a little of my bedrest to make him no-bake cookies in the shape of 30.  The kids made him homemade cards.  Luckily his sister and mom came through with great presents and made him feel special!! Oh I guess I had him pick out something from cabela's online for himself!! That was kind of lame on my part!!  So not my best birthday planned!  I guess some years I will get it right and some other I will flop!! But Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Love You!! And trust me I will tease you as long as I can about being 30 until I am shortly there with you!!

Getting Ready for Winter

I love Tyrel's work truck. It has any tool you could need pretty much and a crane.  We went on his dad's property where the electric company had cut down some trees and loaded them on our trailor.  They were pretty big pieces so it was nice to have his crane to lift them onto the trailor to bring home to split.  Also Peyton was thrilled to sit in dad's truck.  The boys get to all the time on the main roads because they are in boosters.  Her carseat doesn't fit so around the property she got to ride and was in heaven!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

3 down 2 to go!!

So I have made it through 3 weeks of bedrest!! Yeah!!  The first two weeks was hard to stay down with my kids and I was having a real hard time keeping my contractions under control and they were getting harder and harder and more frequent.  So last week my sweet mother-in-law came and took Trip and Peyton to her house for a week.  Last week was so nice to rest and my body feels so much better.  I am still have contractions but they aren't as hard and and less often.  I am so grateful for everyone help. Between the ward bringing me dinner, friends and my mother-in-law taking the kids I am getting closer to being in the safe zone.  I had an appt today and things went well.  She said she is pretty sure I am not dialted, but his head was kind of pushing back so she was trying to be very careful and the cervics is soft.  So she told me to continue to be super careful and off my feet.  So only 2 more weeks until I am 36 weeks.  Thankfully Tyrel has wed-sun off, so I just had to last today and tomorrow without him.  This week should be easy to get through!  I am so grateful and humble for everyone's help. I have hardly had to ask for help. Everyone calls me to offer help before I even have to ask.  I truly think without everyone's help I would have been in the hospital, this has definately been the hardest baby to keep in. Even though Trip was longer bedrest, I really feel my body was starting to go into labor more than Trip. I am grateful to ward families and family.