Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tyrel turns the big 3-0!!

Well pretty much I bombed on a momentous birthday for Tyrel.  Due to being put on bedrest I was not able to go out and shop and get everything I had planned for his birthday and didn't have time to order it.  So all I did was have a friend pick me up a gift card for Tyrel and I broke a little of my bedrest to make him no-bake cookies in the shape of 30.  The kids made him homemade cards.  Luckily his sister and mom came through with great presents and made him feel special!! Oh I guess I had him pick out something from cabela's online for himself!! That was kind of lame on my part!!  So not my best birthday planned!  I guess some years I will get it right and some other I will flop!! But Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Love You!! And trust me I will tease you as long as I can about being 30 until I am shortly there with you!!