Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving in Colorado

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Colorado had not gotten any snow yet this year, but we woke up Friday morning with about 6 inches. For most people new snow is fun and exciting, for Tyrel's family that means waking up super early and plowing and shoveling snow. Cooper enjoyed the snow once dad started making snow balls, putting snow on his face, sledding, and the crunch it made when he steps in it. He is crying in this sledding picture because by the time I got out there to take a picture he was done and I made dad put him back in the sled and he didn't like that very much. It was nice to have some winter weather, because when we left Tucson it was 85 degrees. Tyrel and all the boys got to go up in the mountains with their horses to take out some hunting camps. All in all we had a good time. Now we are just finishing up our packing and getting ready to move on Saturday!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We are Truly Blessed

Well as you all know I miscarried about 10 weeks ago. Well we are happy to say that I am already 8 weeks pregnant. Last week I got to see the baby and hear the heartbeat and see it pumping strong. When I miscarried I had two ultrasounds and never saw a baby. Besides the visual proof of a baby I also have the physical proof. I am starting to the follow the same trend as I did with Cooper, I am super sick!! This time I did get some medication that has cut my throwing up down to once a day versus the three times a day, so for that I am greatful. I am down to eating some snacks and lots of popsicles!! I probably shouldn't lose 12Ib like I did with Cooper, but I already lost a couple pounds. I am really bumbed that thanksgiving is next week. Thanksgiving has some of my favorite foods ever, potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and freshly bakes Turkey!!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I may just eat it anyway and pay the consequenses very shortly after. But being this sick is a very good sign that all is going well so I am blessed to be sick. Oh my due date is June 21st so Cooper and the new baby will be 2 years apart!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trip to Washington

K I know I am late with the Halloween pics. We have been in Washington the past week spending time with my family. While in Washington we put 500 miles on my Parent's car. Saturday when we got there we went to Mandolin's wedding, which was so nice to see so much family there about 250 people there. Then spent Sunday and Monday with my mom and dad in Cheney, WA where we relaxed and Tyrel installed a storm door for my mom. Then Tuesday we headed to the Tri-Cities (2 hours drive) to spend the night at Derrick and Amy's and their kids. We had fun visiting them and experiancing the Wii for the first time. Tyrel was pretty good for someone who hates all video games. Then we woke up Wednesday and headed to Ephrata (2 hour drive) to stay the night at Lanith and Steve's. We went to lunch with The Clark's, Svetich's (families I know and Tyrel knows from his mission), and Lanith and Steve. Then that night we went to the trunk or treat and carnival at the church. We had a great time and Tyrel got to visit with some families he knows from his mission. We then woke up Thursday and headed back to my parent's house (1 1/2 drive). We relaxed that day and Tyrel put up another storm door for my mom and that night we drove into Spokane (1hour) to have dinner with my brother Clayne and his wife Kelli for Clayne's birthday. We then went back to my parent's played games and hung out there Friday and took the boat for a ride on the lake and that night drove back into Spokane to visit a part-member family that Tyrel taught on his mission that have kept in touch with us since we have been married. It was so good to meet them again. I met them when we got married, but of course couldn't remember their faces, but have talked to them on the phone. All in all we had a great trip. We got to see lots of people and relax. It was a nice break for Tyrel since he has been working 65+ hours a week. The day we got back he said I wish we were still in Washington!! The trip was definately over too soon!!

Trunk or Treat

Cooper, Tyrel, and I all got to go to our first Trunk or Treat in Ephrata, WA. Cooper as you can tell was Superman. Mainly because whenever you say Super Cooper he puts his hands in the air and pretends he is flying. Most the time while he was going around the trunks he was sucking his thumb and holding his blanky!!! That is one tough superman!! Also the donald duck next to Tyrel is our good friend Allison Bair from Ephrata. But all in all he had a good time!!

Holloween Carnival

Here Cooper got to throw bean bags, go fishing, and enter an 18mo and younger costume contest. He didn't win. The lion to the left won, but that is Cooper's friend Brenden Svetich, so that okay.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Like MOM?!!!

For all of those that swear Cooper looks just like DAD, I have scientific proof that he looks more like ME!!!!