Monday, September 28, 2009

What's New

This month has been pretty crazy. We officially close on our new house on Wednesday. We found a nice home in Cortez,Co, which is in the SW corner of Colorado. About 6hr from Phoenix and 2hrs from Tyrel's family. We are buying a nice ranch style home with cedar siding, blue metal roof, 3bed, 2bath. It is on 3 acres. About 1 acre is wooded and the rest very nicely landscaped. We are so excited to have our home and an official place we can call home. I would do pictures, but my thing to upload pictures is still broken. Tyrel's work will still be just as crazy, but we will have one stable place to call home. Starting tomorrrow me and the two boys will pretty much be down in the Bayfield house getting things ready to move in next week. We probably won't come to Denver for a while so we can get settled into the house. Also in the midst of all this we finally told our parents that we are expecting our 3rd child. I am almost 19 weeks and we find out what we're having next week!! As always I starting throwing up non-stop at about 7 weeks. For about 1 1/2 weeks I was on the couch not moving. So I called my doctor and requested a specific medicine and said please don't try anthing else, so they did and amazingly enough it actually worked this time!! I was still throwing up with it and felt sick, but only throwing up about once a day or every other day. As time as gone on it works better and better. We are so excited that so far this pregnancy is going better and that I am able to properly take care of my children and my daily requirements. My due date is February 25th!! We weren't going to tell anyone until we officially closed on the house, but this weekend I started getting too anxious.

Monday, September 14, 2009

No Picture Update

Well since I am having technical difficulties this will have no pictures. I know how boring. So the last three weekends have been busy. Three weekends ago we went to Pagosa and went horseback riding. Tyrel's family was setting up a camp for hunters and the boys had a blast. They loved every second of horseback riding and Cooper loved following his dad and uncles around trying to help them set up. Then the next weekend we went back down to Bayfrield/Pagosa for Labor day weekend. On Friday we ran errands and headed over to Pagosa to help get ready for hunters. Saturday and Sunday nothing too exciting then Monday Cord, Kristin, and Jayton took us up to the lake to ride jetskis. It was a little cold, but still a blast. I forgot my camera so luckily Troy and Loretta showed up and got some good pictures of Cooper and Jayton covered in mud having a blast. Then that night we all went to the BarD which is a chuckwagon dinner. Little western set up with shops and yummy dinner with a cowboy singing show. Jayton and Trip managed to stay up the whole time enjoying the music, but Cooper fell asleep on Tyrel. Then I stayed in Bayfield all week while Tyrel headed to Texas for some training classes. We had a nice week. Cooper got to go Grandmas for two nights and threw a fit when I came to pick him up. This weekend was stake conference so Tyrel and I got to enjoy a night out on Saturday going to dinner and enjoying conference and then Sunday again. The boys did great and we were able to get a lot out of both sessions!! We are now back up in Denver and back in the daily grind!! Pictures will soon come!!