Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Bed

Well yesterday I had Tyrel get out the Toddler bed so I could make it with the new sheets we got and when Tyrel put Cooper to bed he wanted to sleep in it. So Tyrel layed him in the bed and left and we both assumed he would be in and out or crying and would end up in his crib. Well we didn't hear a peep from him except for once when he fell in between the two beds and couldn't get out and that was an hour after he fell asleep. After that he slept through the night. No one had to lay with him or anything. I can't believe how easy he made that. I know it won't be like that with all my kids. I had a feeling he would catch on quick because he is very big on things in their place and what is his and what is yours, so I knew once he realized that bed was his he wouldn't want to sleep anywhere else. Of course the bad thing is the sun hits his room first so at 5am when his room was bright he got up and was ready to start the day. I will have to find a solution to that, because 5am is not going to go over well with me!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Pictures of Trip

Camping Trip

Well Tyrel found out Tuesay morning that he had Tuesday and Wednesday off because they need him to work Sat and Sun. So we decided to take a drive out this this lake aroud Flagstaff and let Cooper play in the water. While we were out playing we decided hey lets go camping so around 4:30pm we ran back home about 30min away, packed up our camping gear and headed back to a nearby campground. Cooper had a blast. We couldn't get him to sleep at all. He finally fell asleep at 11:30pm and that is because Tyrel strapped him in his carseat until he fell asleep. He was so happy, got dirty, and did not want to leave. He had fun helping dad get the fire started, put up the tent, and explore the woods. He favorite thing to do was climb all the rocks. We thought he would never settle down. Little Trip also did great. We bundled him up and had him sleep in his car seat so he was well insulated. I love little family time and I am glad we were able to be spontaneous and do something like that.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Pictures

Friday, June 6, 2008

Big Brother!!

Cooper is such a great big brother. He gives Trip kisses, wants to hold him all the time, and shoves his binki in his mouth whether he wants it or not. When ever Trip is crying he say's crying and makes sure I take care of him to make him feel better.

While Mom's Away Cooper Will Play

Here are some fun pictures of Cooper hanging out with Dad while I have been recovering from my c-section. He has had a blast. When Tyrel got out Cooper's new pool he had to change Cooper's clothes 4 times. Cooper kept jumping in whether he had his swimshorts on or fulling clothes with shoes and socks.

The Boys

Well here are the most similar pictures I could find to compare Cooper and Trip. Trip is the bottom one and Cooper is the top one. As you can see Trip had a different nose, chin, and different shaped face. But as I hold Trip more he reminds me a lot like Cooper. They even like to both sleep with their hands behind their head.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

TRIP SAMUEL ROSS 5Ib 14oz 19in MAY 30th

WAY more pictures to come with tyrel, cooper, aunt tranell, and grandpa and granma ross with TRIP. They are on Grandpa's camera and Tranell's camera. This is all we had on ours.

Well after months and trying to keep him from coming after being off of bedrest for two days he came!!! He came at 37 weeks. On Thursday my contractions started to get pretty regular which was funny because I wasn't doing anything, Cooper had the stomach flu. So I just called Tyrel that night in Merenci 6 hours away and told him to stay by his phone in the morning because something seemed different about these contractions. So the next day the contractions started to hurt so I had a friend take me to the hospital around 1pm and her husband watched Cooper. When we got there my contractions stayed consistantly at 7min apart and they were going to send me home, but on a lot of times the baby's heart rate would drop during my contractions so they thought they would check me one more time before seeing if I was going to go home, but I was dialted to almost a 6 so they admited me right away. I got my epideral and the contractions stay at like 8min apart, my water hadn't broken and his head wasn't dropping so they gave me a little medicine to speed up my contractions and the baby's heart rate really dropped and so she broke my water and then it really realy dropped and I was only at an 8 so they had to rush me into an emergency C-section and I had him at 10:19pm. It turned out the embillical cord was wrapped once around once leg and in a figure 8 around the other leg and each contraction cut off all of Trip's life support and they is also why his head wouldn't drop either. So even though things got kind of crazy and was really scary to barely hear his heart pumping it all turned out great in the end and I am already home!! I got home today around 2pm. So after Trip being only 1 1/2 days we're home. Tyrel will take work off tomorrow until my mom get's here tomorrow night to help out. Thank goodness since I can barely pick up Trip. I don't know how some people like C-sections better. No thank you. Recovery with Cooper was way easier!!! I was working out 1hr a day after three weeks, I'll maybe be able to stand without pain at that time!! But we are all blessed at this point because I can't get up very often Tyrel has officially changed more of Trip's diapers than me!!!