Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kids Are Funny

Funny things said lately in our house.

Mom:Trip Would you like a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch?
Trip: No, I would like a boy cheese sandwich.
Mom: Oh, so what is Peyton having for lunch then?
Trip: A Girl Cheese sandwich!!

I was folding up some clothes that Peyton out grew and putting them in a tote.
Cooper:Mom what you are doing with those girl clothes?
Mom: I am putting them in this tote, they are too small for Peyton.
Cooper:Oh, are you going to sell them?
Mom: No, I am going to save them just in case we need them again.
Cooper: Why? We aren't having another girl, you can sell those.

On the way our the door the other day.
Cooper: Mom are you getting Peyton dressed?
Mom: Yes!
Cooper: Well are you going to change your shirt?
Mom: No, I am all ready to go.
Cooper: Oh, cause that shirt doesn't look very good!

There is a positive to that last narrative. My children are actually really good at compliments and manners. They say thank you and please and always tell me how pretty I look when I get ready. They have learned that from their dad. So for Cooper to actually tell me I didn't look good makes me think all those other times that he told me I looked good, maybe I did. If he is willing to tell me when something doesn't look good then maybe their is more meaning behind his compliments and not just habit from hearing his dad.